Long-standing prestige. The history of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) dates back to the begining of the XIXth century and is filled with remarkable scientific, cultural and artistic accomplishments. 

Excellence. 3rd best university in Brazil and the 4th best in Latin America (QS Rankings)

Localization. Located inside the Wonderful City, the UFRJ promotes science, culture and arts under the gaze of the Christ Redeemer and next to the Sugar Loaf.

Democratic. The UFRJ is open to students coming from all socioeconomic backgrounds, and gives a huge contribution towards universalization of higher education in Brazil.


Rio de Janeiro

rio de janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, the Wonderful City, has much more to offer than the beauty of its natural features and the rhythm of Carnival, which represent Brazil all over the world.

Rio de Janeiro distinguishes itself in the Brazilian and Latin American scenario by its academic excellence. Some of the best universities in the country are located in the city and its surroundings.

Rio is also one of the most relevant research centers on energy in the world and hosts several companies and laboratories dedicated to Research & Development, which are mainly located at the UFRJ Science Park or on Cidade Universitária campus.

As the exchange student’s life is much more than studies, it is worth mention that the combination of geographic characteristics – the sea, the mountains, and the forest – with the human presence makes Rio de Janeiro a unique, incomparable city. Each spot of the city turns into an overlook, and with the “carioca” contagious joy, everything is reason to party.

Besides samba and the traditional Carnival, Rio exhales music of all genres and hosts several internationally renowned music festivals, art exhibitions, theatre and much more.


The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

mapaThe Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ has three campi: Cidade Universitária, Praia Vermellha and Macaé, comprising institutes, schools, faculties and supplementary units, which include seven museums, among which we can highlight the National Museum, eight university hospitals, and the third largest ocean basin in the world for research on offshore oil exploration.

National and internationally recognized by the high quality of teaching as well as by its commitment to research, the UFRJ is the quintessential higher education institution of its region, leading in every international ranking, such as QS and Times Higher Education. UFRJ academic excellence spreads over a broad range of fields of study.

Moreover, COPPEAD, the UFRJ Graduate Business School, is the only business school in Latin America listed in the Financial Times global ranking among the world’s top 100.

The university has partnerships with several national and multinational enterprises, some of which have facilities on the very UFRJ campi. It is the case of Petrobras, whose biggest research center is located on Cidade Universitária campus. Following a global trend, the UFRJ establishes and maintains cooperative relationships with institutions from all continents, which now amounts to over 200 international institutions all over the world.


Infrastructure (libraries, internet, etc)

The UFRJ has 41 libraries, in which the students can access books, monographs, thesis and dissertations, rare and old books, among others. All bibliographic material of the university can be looked for on the Minerva Database, through the website http://www.minerva.ufrj.br/.

Most academic unities of the UFRJ are equipped with informatics laboratories, providing free access to the internet, besides having free Wi-Fi hotspots.

Some academic units of the UFRJ have an academic center, which is a student’s body that represents their interest inside the university. The academic centers promote debates, thematic weeks, freshmen receptions and organize political actions among the students, besides hosting cultural activities, such as book fairs and parties.

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