Exchange students can attend UFRJ undergraduate and stricto sensu graduate courses – Master and PhD, depending on his/hers current study level.


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Course Offer

List of all courses offered by UFRJ (only in Portuguese).

Detailed list of UFRJ undergraduate courses (only in Portuguese).

Detailed list of UFRJ stricto sensu graduate courses – Master and PhD (only in Portuguese).


warning All UFRJ courses are offered only in Portuguese!


checkedAccess the UFRJ System of Academic Management (SIGA, acronym in Portuguese) through the website

checkedSelect the study level: on the upper-left corner of the webpage, select the study level of your interest – “Graduação” (undergraduate), “Mestrado” (master), “Mestrado Profissional” (professional master), “Doutorado” (PhD).


warning Remember that exchange students can attend only UFRJ undergraduate and stricto sensu graduate courses – Masters and PhDs.


checkedSelect a course of your interest: After selecting the study level, the list of courses offered on the selected study level will show up.

Courses’ names will appear on the column “Cursos e seus Desdobramentos” (courses and respective areas of emphasis).

The names of the courses split into more than one area of emphasis are displayed as hyperlinks. On click, these hyperlinks point to lists of areas of emphasis available on each course.

checkedAccess the list of subjects of a course of your interest: on the right column, “Versões Curriculares” (curricular versions), there are hyperlinks that point to the respective lists of subjects offered by each course or area of emphasis.

Always click on the hyperlink that points to the current curricular version, the name of which ends in “9999/9”.

checkedWebpage of the course of your interest: After clicking on the hyperlink to the current curricular version, a pop-up webpage will open containing general information about the course of your interest, such as length, academic coordination data, contacts, etc.

On continuation, all subjects offered by this course or area of emphasis are shown, divided into tables named after periods and ordained.


Information-icon Each period is equivalent to an academic semester or term.


On this list you will find information about the subjects, such as “Código” (code), “Nome” (name), “Créditos” (credits), “Carga Horária” (course hours), and “Requisitos” (requirements).

Beneath the list of compulsory disciplines, displayed on the tables titled after periods, there is a table containing free choice disciplines entitled “Disciplinas Optativas”.


warning Free choice disciplines are also open to receive exchange students, but they may not be offered every semester.


Grading System

The scale of measurement of accomplishment at the UFRJ is represented by notes ranging from 0 (zero) to 10 (ten), being rounded up to the nearest value with one decimal place.

The student's approval is represented by a final grade equivalent or higher than 5,0 (five), and frequency of attendance equivalent or higher than 75%.

The final grade defined by the item above means a numerical value that expresses the student's accomplishment along the academic semester, generated by the result of tests, essays and partial or final exams that may exist, or any other means of evaluation.

Also, at the UFRJ, 1 credit is equivalent to 15 class hours, and 1 ECTS is roughly equivalent to 25-30 hours of study.


Academic Calendar

The UFRJ has different calendars for undergraduate and graduate courses.

UFRJ undergraduate courses are divided into semesters, while the graduate courses can be divided into periods of two, three or six months. For further information of UFRJ calendar for graduate courses, click here.

Summer vacations last approximately two months (January and February) and winter vacations last approximately two weeks (July), depending on the course.



1st semester (Autumn)

March - July



2nd semester (Spring)

August - December



1st semester (Autumn)



+ info

2nd semester (Spring)

August - December




January, 1st – International Day of Peace (national holiday)

January, 20th –São Sebastião of Rio de Janeiro Day (municipal Holiday – Patron of the city)



April, 21st – Tiradentes (national holiday)

April, 23rd –São Jorge Day (municipal holiday)

May, 1st – Labor’s Day (national holiday)

Corpus Christi

September, 7th – Brazilian Independence Day (national holiday)

October, 12th– Our Lady of Aparecida Day (national holiday – patroness of Brazil)

November, 2nd – All Soul’s Day (national holiday)

November, 15th – Republic Proclamation Day (national holiday)

November, 20th – Black Consciousness Day (federal state holiday)

December, 25th – Christmas

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