The Brazilian monetary unit is the Real (R$). Real and traveller checks can be traded in bank agencies, travel agencies and authorized cards

It is also possible to purchase Real prior to your arrival in bank and money exchange agencies abroad. Once you arrive in Brazil, you must purchase Real only in financial institutions authorized by the Brazilian Central Bank (BCB) to act on the exchange market. To view an up-to-date list of the authorized institutions, access

You can make payments with credit, debit and prepaid cards with international coverage on huge number of shops in Rio de Janeiro. You can also withdraw Real in ATMs with these cards.


>> Living in Rio

>> How to open a bank account


Living in Rio

The living cost in Rio de Janeiro varies depending on the region where you will live. Accommodation costs are especially sensitive to localization.


Type of Expense


Mean Cost



Meal on a cheap restaurant

R$ 14-20

Meal on campus

R$ 10-15

Meal on university  restaurant

R$ 2




Mineral water

R$ 2


R$ 6

Beer (600 ml)

R$ 6-9


R$ 2




Cinema (student ticket)

R$ 8-12

Theater (student ticket)

R$ 25-50

Night club

R$ 40




Bus ticket

R$ 3


R$ 3.20-4.15

Taxi (initial)

R$ 4.80

Taxi (per km covered)

R$ 1.95-2.34


R$ 4.50

single Bed
The UFRJ does not offer on campus accommodation to exchange students.


The exchange student is responsible to look for an accommodation that better suit his/her needs.

We suggest that the exchange student look for information on this regard on Rio Guide ( or on social networks groups. 


How to open a bank account

Most of Brazilian banks have branches in Rio de Janeiro. The main banks offer university accounts with low bank fees.

The documents usually required to open a bank account in Brazil are:

  • Identification document with photo;
  • CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registry, acronym in Portuguese);
  • Proof of residence;
  • Proof of enrollment at the university.

Click here to learn how to request your CPF.

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